Omega Heavy Duty VRT350S


Omega Heavy Duty VRT350S

The Omega Heavy Duty VRT350S Vertical, Dual-Stage and Single Auger Low-Speed Juicer is definitely the best masticating juicer. It is trusted by many people who like to juice each and every day.


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This kitchen appliance is heaven sent in so many ways. The heavy duty Omega VRT350S low speed juicer is the appliance of choice for people who want to use a slow running juicer. People who want to live a conscious and healthy lifestyle often want high quality and fiber rich juices from their products of choice. It is probably the reason why many such people opt for this masticating juicer and come close to swearing that there is none other like it in the market.

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Features Of The Omega VRT350S

  1. It is a dual-duty stage juice machine. This means that your veggies or fruits are first crushed to extract any juice and then before the pulp can be ejected, the pulp gets squeezed further at a 2nd pressing stage. The result of this action is a dry and high nutritious pulp.
  2. As opposed to just grinding, it squeezes its contents at a slow speed of 80rpm’s. This ensures that you juice keeps its natural and original nutrients, color as well as taste.
  3. The Omega VRT350S uses a slow speed masticating system that prevents your juice from frothing and excessive oxidation. That therefore means that the juice it produces can be stored for up to three days before it can begin to show signs of separation and degradation.
  4. It is small enough to fit in well on your kitchen counter top.
  5. The Omega VRT350S operates on 3 settings mainly off, on and reverse. The reverse option allows the user to remove anything that’s stuck or to remove anything that has clogged the juicer.
  6. It has a big sprout that helps one to serve the juice with ease. The Omega VRT350S also features 2 spouts and 2 64 ounce jars. On is ideal for fresh juice and the other for pulp ejection.

Product Overview

  1. Easy to use. One only needs to drop the vegetable or fruit of their choice down through the vertical cylinder and then it will begin grinding the produce.
  2. Works fast. Once you drop the produce into the vertical cylinder, it immediately starts grinding. Since the juice extractor works really fast, one is advised to do all the prep work e.g. cutting up the carrots way before hand. That way, when you drop the first batch of chopped carrots to get them juiced, you will not have to stop mid-way to chop others.
  3. It has a self cleaning mechanism. After using the Omega low speed juice machine to make the first round of juice, you can proceed to the next batch in less than a minute after that. It has a filter that has a plastic section that cleans out any stuff that may get stuck on the screen of it. One can also simply pour water through its chute and it will clean out the ingredients before you can add new ones.

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Pros and Cons Of The Omega VRT350S

Omega Heavy Duty VRT350S Vertical, Dual-Stage and Single Auger Low-Speed Juicer


  • The Omega low speed juice machine is easy to put together and this can be done right out of the box.
  • Can grind and squeeze juice out of many fruits and vegetables even the one’s that are considered tough like wheatgrass.
  • It does not take up a lot of space on your kitchen top.
  • It is easy to keep clean.


  • A customer found it hard to grind celery using this juice machine.

Customer Reviews

People looking to make fresh fruit and green juices had a lot to say about this particular juice extractor. They loved the dry pulp that the juice machine produced and the fact that it worked quietly and fast at the same time. One customer found it hard to make any juice out of celery while using it.


If there was ever any juicer that could be termed as being an economical juicer, the Heavy-Duty Omega VRT350S Juicer has got to be it. Users of this juicer will only need a little produce to make a lot of nutritious juice.

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