Is The Omega BMJ330 The Best?


Omega BMJ330

The Omega BMJ330 is a 350-watt juicer with an efficient 1/2-horsepower induction motor for 12,000 RPMs of speed. This continuous, pulp-ejection style juicer features an extra large feed chute. The chute accommodates larger portions, even whole fruits.


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Wouldn’t it be great if your juice extractor collects and ejects the pulp that it has accumulated from extracting juice from fruits and veggies? Well, with the Omega BMJ330 Commercial 350-Watt Stainless-Steel Pulp-Ejection Juicer, it is possible. This juice extractor has a pulp-ejection feature that automatically collects all the pulp that you have accumulated from juicing fruits and vegetables. This is a great feature because your juice extraction routine won’t be messy anymore. You just need to take the pulp collector and dump all the pulp accumulated in it.

Another great thing about this juice extractor is that you don’t have to cut up the fruits and veggies that you want to extrude. With this easy to use juicer, you can just drop whole produce on the chute and just wait for the juice to come out of the spout, onto the glass.

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Why Choose The Omega BMJ330?

Omega BMJ330 Commercial 350-Watt Stainless-Steel Pulp-Ejection JuicerEven when you are planning on using your juice extractor for your home only, it would be ideal to buy a commercial grade juicer so that you can save a lot of time and money. Because commercial juicers extract more juice from fruits and vegetables, you will have more fresh and nutritious juice while processing lesser amount of food.

Here are other benefits of using commercial grade juicers like the BMJ330:

•    Speedy Juice Extraction

If you are a busy person, you will love this juice extractor because it can extract juice from fruits and veggies in half the time. You don’t have to wait for a long time before you can have your daily dose of nutritious drink with this juicer.

Because of the speedy extraction, you can use it for parties and for events where there are a lot of people to be served; truly a great kitchen tool for busy kitchens and busy people.

•    Extra Large Chute

With this juice extractor’s extra large chute, you do not have to chop up fruits and vegetables prior to extraction. This will definitely save you a lot of time on preparation. Thus, you can enjoy your drink even more. Also, it will enable you to save more money as you can process whole produce instead of cutting up and coring fruits.

•    Pulp-Eject Feature

With the pulp-eject feature of this juicer, you can save a lot of time and effort on juicing. You just need to dump or set aside all of the pulp that have accumulated on the pulp bin instead of having a great mess every time you extract juice or process food. With this feature, you can save the pulp that you have collected and use it on various recipes. This will definitely make your cooking a lot more interesting.


With the Omega BMJ330 Commercial 350-Watt Stainless-Steel Pulp-Ejection Juicer, you will surely have the nutritious and delicious drink and foods that will make you healthier. Try this product out and see how it makes life a little more comfortable for you and your family. You will never look at juicing the same way again once you use this efficient and fast juice extractor.

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